Donnerstag, 13. September 2012

Weinturm Open Air

The Weinturm Open Air is one of my favourite festivals because it's taking place in my hometown. It' a three-day festival that lies on an idyllic hill in Bad Windsheim called the Weinturm. This year it had it's 35th anniversary and there were up to 3000 visitors a day. The music that is played there varies a lot but I would say it's mostly reggae or ska or something like that - I can't really define it - and the bands are kind of unknown or just before the "breakthrough" - for example Sportfreunde Stiller, Deichkind, Culcha Candela or Polarkreis 18 already played there but before they were big. What also makes this festival special is that everyone is working voluntary and the organizer has no explicit purpose to draw profit - so the food, drinks and entrance fee are rather human. All in all this festival has a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and is definitely worth a visit!

And of course one of the portraits

Weinturm Open Air 2012

Stay tuned ;) next post will be about the Chiemsee Reggae Summer!

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