Dienstag, 18. September 2012

Chiemsee Reggae Summer

The Chiemsee Reggae Summer was my next festival. It's a three-day reggae festival but there are also HipHop artists. I drove there on friday the 24th and left at the 26th of august and besides the weather - it was awesome! I really like the location with all the mountains surrounding the area and the opportunity to take a bath in the Chiemsee or the river right next to the camping area called Tiroler Ache. The people I met there were so openminded and friendly and there were many participants for my project. The light was just amazing and the mountains made a beautiful background for my portraits. There were so many interesting people I would've liked to photograph but there wasn't enough time because it started to rain on saturday and it didn't really stop till I left on sunday morning - sadly I had to leave that early. All the rain turned the parking area into mud and I had to wait a very long time until I got my car out of that mess but on friday there was perfect sunshine and the entire time there was a great atmosphere at the whole area. Since the weather always is like that at the Chiemsee Reggae Summer - the visitors were prepared: gumboots and raincoats saved the day and everyone was having fun anyway!

And of course one of my portraits

Chiemsee Reggae Summer 2012

Stay tuned ;)

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