The Festival Project is a portrait series about visitors of various German music festivals.

The individual and its role within a group is a topic that I’ve been interested in for a long time. In how far are we individuals and which part gets absorbed within the masses? Why do we feel dragged towards certain social groups and how do we adapt our behavior and appearance to fit those groups?
To be part of a group always means to separate oneself from other groups. This separation is especially visible when it comes to music. A person who feels to belong to the Metal subculture is most likely to dress completely different from someone who prefers to listen to Reggae music. This cannot be generalized and of course there are people you cannot assign to a certain kind of music just due to their looks, but a huge number of genre-specific dressed music fans can be found at festivals. That is why I would like to portrait visitors of various German music festivals.
In my work the individual is opposed to the masses. This way I want to reindividualize certain people out of the masses, to give them a face one might not have realized due to the sensory overload of the festival.

The Festival Project is a long-term project and due to that it is still in progress.

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